You understand : healthcare services supplied by contraception clinics

You understand : healthcare services supplied by contraception clinics

Contraception clinics provide a selection of solutions and certainly will provide:

Some contraception clinics may offer specialist services also, including:

  • counselling for incest, rape and abuse that is sexual (male sterilisation) counselling and procedures
  • pre-abortion and post-abortion counselling and recommendation
  • gynaecology clinics
  • menopause clinics
  • female sterilisation counselling and recommendation
  • “well woman” screening

Where could I obtain an implant fitted or eliminated?

You could get a contraceptive implant fitted or eliminated:

  • at a contraception or health that is sexualGUM) clinic
  • by a GP or training nursing assistant

Just a particularly trained physician or nursing assistant can fit or eliminate implants that are contraceptive.

Contraceptive implants are offered for free regarding the NHS.

Fitting and getting rid of your contraceptive implant

A contraceptive implant is a slim, versatile pipe about 4cm long and 2mm thick. It is placed under your epidermis in the of one’s upper supply. You won’t require any stitches after your implant happens to be fitted.

To numb the location, the doctor or nursing assistant provides you with a nearby injection that is anaesthetic your implant is equipped or eliminated. Continue reading “You understand : healthcare services supplied by contraception clinics”